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  • Mon 17 Jun 2019
  • Mon, June 17, 2019

Becca Is Confident and Beautiful

“Beauty Behind Becca” by Natasha Boshoff and Suaad Issa, from Oakville, ON won the Children’s Mental Health Ontario’s “Change The View” 2014 video challenge. Participants were asked to make a short video that shows how we can all take the stigma out of kids’ mental health issues. Issues like stress, depression, ADHD, bullying,  psychosis and more.  This girl is radiant and amazing… Shine On, Becca! Click these links to see more videos from the contest or view more information about Children’s Mental…

Fun Learning Tool for Pre-School Inclusion

Parents and Teachers: Let’s Collaborate to Advocate! Sesame Street has joined in to help our little ones understand themselves and their friends with autism. Check out some of the highlights below…     The ‘Amazing’ Song – Sesame Street and Autism As a parent, this seems like a great tool to start the conversation with the Pre-School crowd to make learning about each other’s differences fun and natural. What do you think, Pre-School, Inclusion, Teachers? Would your students watch this?  …

Allergy Free Cupcakes Tutorial

I am so excited to introduce this video for Allergy Free Cupcakes!   The young woman featured in this video has severe, life-threatening allergies. I am so thrilled to see her take charge of her own health and use her knowledge to help others.   This is what Caboodle is all about!   Enjoy!     AST_Allergy_Free_Cupcakes    

Autism and Wandering 2015

Watching the montage of news footage in this video is what it is often like inside my mind.  My brain will play a constant loop of fear, tragedy and ‘what-if’ driven dialogue that remind me to never let my guard down, stay prevention minded and have a plan. Here is an important video from the National Autism Association on the dangers of wandering and its relationship with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The search times for those found deceased ranged from 15 minutes to 20…