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  • Sun 18 Mar 2018
  • Sun, March 18, 2018

Angels In Need: Non-Profit Spotlight

AiNLogo.gifAngels in Need is a 100% volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity based in Davidson, North Carolina. 

Angels In Need mission statement… Providing children with opportunity and a sense of community in which to blossom.

Angels In Need is a reputable, grass roots charity located in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina.  

I have personal experience with this organization and it was one of the first groups I became involved with.  I have since attended many events hosted by Angels In Need and this group has been instrumental in helping me find valuable resources and make lasting friendships.  They are passionate and dedicated to exceptional needs children, as well as improving the lives of their caregivers.  

If you are looking for a local charity worthy of your time, fundraising and/or donations, Angels In Need is a wonderful organization.  This group is filled with kind, generous and experienced people who give so much to their community and expect nothing in return.
Angels in Need is volunteer staffed, there are no salaries involved and there is no facility overhead.
To join this remarkable group of resilient and resourceful women for support OR if you would like a place to plug in and use your passions, talents, experience and knowledge to help benefit our community of exceptional children, please contact info@angelsinneed.org.  
If you choose to donate, you can specify how you prefer your donation to Angels In Need be used. For more information on donations, please visit their website’s donation page.
Angels In Need
Director: Jeni Cooper
Email: info@angelsinneed.org 
Mailing Address:
Angels in Need
PO Box 368
Davidson, NC 28036