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  • Wed 22 Mar 2023
  • Wed, March 22, 2023

New Member Tips Part I – Caregiver Edition

Thank you so much for visiting our website!  As we are in the early stages of this project, there will be several changes, edits and updates as we move along. It may not look like much now, but with your submissions it can grow fast and we need your input!  

On this journey you have undoubtedly already learned so much.  Whether you are still somewhat new to it or have been at this for a few years now, it is important to share what you’ve learned with others. There are always more questions than answers and what you know is valuable.  

For those struggling with a new diagnosis, I hope you find solace in this site along with the answers you are seeking.  This special needs journey may not be what we planned but we are a strong bunch and we will not stop until we have all the answers we need to ensure our loved ones have a life they deserve.  Together, we can achieve more.  

Be sure to visit our links under our resources tabs to review our featured businesses. These will be our connections to businesses, therapists, physicians and more who have been referred to us by one of our members or those who have expressed an interest in helping our community.

As a caregiver, this is where you will find businesses recommended by our other members to places they’ve had success with.  For example, do you know a hairstylist, barber, dentist, restaurant or pediatrician who works well under stressful circumstances or has intimate knowledge of your loved ones needs? Submit that information to us and we will place it here for everyone to see or tell them about us so they can submit their own information.  

As caregivers, so often it can feel like even our basic resources are limited and our options are few.  It can feel like you are on your own lonely island all by yourself. You are not alone. Getting in touch with the right people is sometimes all it takes to turn a challenging situation into something achievable. Having access to basic services in a judgement free environment, surrounded by an understanding and sympathetic group of people is sometimes all it takes.   

We hope you enjoy our site and we can’t wait for your submissions and feedback.