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  • Sun 18 Mar 2018
  • Sun, March 18, 2018

Most Doctors Unprepared To Care For Adults With Autism, Study Finds

Advocating for our loved ones is a never-ending endeavor. That includes choosing physicians to work with who truly understand or want to understand the needs that are specific to your family.

Disability Scoop Reports, By Michelle Diament

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child-glasses A new survey finds many health care providers admittedly know little about how to care for adults with autism.

Of 922 providers surveyed, 77 percent rated their ability to treat patients on the spectrum as poor or fair.


While nearly all of the providers surveyed said they would explore the possibility of autism in patients with limited eye contact, most underreported the number of people on the spectrum who were under their care. What’s more, only 13 percent of doctors said they had adequate tools or referral resources to appropriately accommodate those with autism.

In more thorough follow-up interviews with nine primary care physicians, researchers found that the majority had received limited or no autism training in medical school or during their residencies. All of the providers indicated a need for more education and said they’d like to see improvements in the transition from pediatric care providers to adult medicine for those on the spectrum.