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  • Wed 22 Mar 2023
  • Wed, March 22, 2023

Just Say No… To Mommy Wars


baby-22194_1920I’m not a huge fan of using videos made or sponsored by a brand since there could possibly be an underlying agenda.

Having said that, though, I couldn’t resist the message being delivered here. 

We’re all caregivers to our children. We are doing the best we can, with what we have, based on what we know.

(I also love that they included the dads in this video too)

Be kind to one another.

View a personal take on this here.



If you enjoyed that video and have the time, here is another “End Mommy Wars” video with a more personalized message.

This video follows a day in the life of several new mommies who are making the various decisions that are often over criticized and spark heated debate. 

“There is nothing more satisfying than hearing, ‘you’re a great mom’ from another mom.” ~Jennifer, The Judgement Stops Here