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  • Mon 05 Jun 2023
  • Mon, June 05, 2023

Parents & Caregivers

Who is taking care of you?

Caregiver fatigue is a legitimate concern and sometimes, it can have dire consequences, either for ourselves or for the ones we love most. As a mom in search of answers, I would like a place where we can find and schedule therapies in one online location based on our specific and unique needs, get recommendations from other caregivers about businesses, physicians and community events.

Even after spending hours of research online, I can find out about a new type of therapy or awesome new provider during a morning coffee out with another mom, while speaking to teachers or in the waiting room in a doctor’s office.  All of which are happenstance and never popped up during an extensive internet search.

With such precious information scattered all over the place, this leaves the overworked and overlooked caregivers with unnecessary challenges.  With so many demands for our attention, we remain largely unaware of what other services are available for our loved ones.  Equally devastating is that we are also unaware and never even consider the therapies available to us, the caregivers, as well. 

As a caregiver, daily tasks are rarely unimportant or are things that we can simply put off for another day.  With high level demands and so many priorities, who has any remaining energy or time to search something for themselves?  Caregivers need access to care and options for themselves as well, even it if doesn’t occur to you to do so.  

I want to make it easier to find, schedule and expedite these services so that our loved ones can get the therapies and experiences they need and we, the caregivers, are far less exhausted and can take care of ourselves at the same time.

There are so many ways resource sharing can help caregivers and their loved ones.  The community of those around us is an invaluable tool filled to the brim with endless possibilities, ideas and valuable resources.  But don’t sell yourself short either…  you have something to offer in return so don’t be shy.  We’re all friends here and excited to hear what you have to say!

Share what you’ve learned with your own unique perspective and ideas.

Therapists & Professionals

Your dedication to helping individuals is a blessing and a gift for our loved ones.  I am so grateful to you for choosing this line of work.  I have been truly blessed to meet, observe and work with talented and compassionate therapists, physicians and educators.  I’ve seen the results firsthand of the life changing work you do.  What you do is amazing and you should be told everyday!  Thank you for working tirelessly and caring so much. It means the absolute world to us that we have your knowledge, passion and expertise to turn to.  You are making a positive difference in the lives of those you work with and the ones who love them. 

Caboodle, among many things, is a resource sharing site.  Caregivers need an education center to see what you do.  Create a profile for caregivers to see – discuss your credentials, your passions and interests and tell them how much you care or what inspired you to choose this profession.   Give them tips on how to make the most out their therapy sessions or IEP meetings.   

Promote yourself, your preferred related charity organization or your business on Caboodle as it relates to our caregivers and the individuals in need of your service.  Meet new clients and create new partnerships.  Organize a group session, reach out to other therapists, teachers, first responders, business owners and colleagues.  Anything we missed?  Let us know!  Do it all here, in one place.  We want your lives simplified too!  



Are you a first responder?

If so, all the above statements apply to you as well and thank you for your hard work and sacrifice.  Our lives literally depend on you! Tell us how we can help you so you know about our child’s special needs and what it may mean for them and you in an emergency. 

We can never thank you enough for all you do!

Businesses & Organizations

Would you like a loyal, active and supportive client base that will sing your praises from the rooftops?  How about give you and your company’s reputation a positive social media boost?  Being a part of our community has the potential to bring you new and faithful clients and customers that will be so appreciative of your involvement they will likely tell everyone they know and meet!  Being in our Caboodle community will give you the opportunity to reach a new market of individuals who are so often overlooked and often feel left out or isolated as a result. 

Caregivers and special needs families often experience difficulty trying to find everyday or special occasion services that others may (and we, ourselves, used to) take for granted.  For example, going out to eat as a family, getting your special needs child a haircut or going to the dentist, taking them shopping, visiting a play center, getting pictures with Santa or the Easter bunny, having family pictures taken and so many more are tasks that can be extremely overwhelming, if not completely impossible for a special needs family. 

It’s the little things that count.  The good news is there is little work needed on your part to make our community feel understood and accepted.  You choose your level of involvement but the biggest piece is just to be involved.  It lets us know you care and it is one less place where we don’t have to feel misunderstood or isolated.  You will feel good about yourself and your business by helping out your local hard working, stressed out, overtired and overlooked families.  We want you to want our business.  We are eager and ready to find new places and services that will help us take some of the stress out of these seemingly ordinary things.  Let us tell you how it’s possible; we can work together for a common good.

Contact Caboodle today and start learning the different ways you can be involved.  In addition to feeling good, it will go a long way for your business.