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  • Wed 22 Mar 2023
  • Wed, March 22, 2023

Fun Learning Tool for Pre-School Inclusion

education-548105_1920Parents and Teachers:

Let’s Collaborate to Advocate!

Sesame Street has joined in to help our little ones

understand themselves and their friends with autism.

Check out some of the highlights below…



The ‘Amazing’ Song – Sesame Street and Autism

As a parent, this seems like a great tool to start the conversation with the Pre-School

crowd to make learning about each other’s differences fun and natural.

What do you think, Pre-School, Inclusion, Teachers? Would your students watch this?  

Parents, what do you think? Would you be willing to send this to your child’s teacher?

Do you think it would help create an environment of acceptance in the classroom?



Thomas’ Story – Sesame Street and Autism

This is a great story about young Thomas, with non-verbal Autism. Kids can see Thomas

use his iPad as a communication device and his therapy dog, Gabriel, who Thomas needs

to keep him safe from wandering. Thomas needs supervision at all times to keep him safe, 

also a great catalyst to discuss the dangers of wandering and what the other students

can do to help if they see someone like Thomas alone.


Benny’s Story – Sesame Street and Autism

A short, animated film about Benny, who has Autism.  Created by Exceptional Minds, A

Non-Profit Vocational School and Working Studio for young adults with Autism who are

pursuing careers in digital effects and visual animation.


Welcome to Sesame Street, Julia! 



Meet Julia, a new friend on Sesame Street who has autism.  In this storybook, Elmo and Abby learn fun and

interesting things about Julia and how they can all play together. This storybook was written by

Leslie Kimmelman who is raising a wonderful child with autism. See the book and more about Leslie by clicking here. You can see more videos and stories at Sesame Street and Autism or Join the Sesame Street

“Keep Amazing Going” initiative by clicking here to sign up for more helpful videos and information.

Storybooks, Daily Routine Cards and More

From Sesame Street:  “Parents, educators, and friends: Join our AMAZING conversation online! Share your stories, pictures, and videos on social media using #SeeAmazing. We can’t wait to see the amazing children in your lives.”