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  • Mon 21 Oct 2019
  • Mon, October 21, 2019

Fun Learning Tool for Pre-School Inclusion

Parents and Teachers: Let’s Collaborate to Advocate! Sesame Street has joined in to help our little ones understand themselves and their friends with autism. Check out some of the highlights below…     The ‘Amazing’ Song – Sesame Street and Autism As a parent, this seems like a great tool to start the conversation with the Pre-School crowd to make learning about each other’s differences fun and natural. What do you think, Pre-School, Inclusion, Teachers? Would your students watch this?  …

Allergy Free Cupcakes Tutorial

I am so excited to introduce this video for Allergy Free Cupcakes!   The young woman featured in this video has severe, life-threatening allergies. I am so thrilled to see her take charge of her own health and use her knowledge to help others.   This is what Caboodle is all about!   Enjoy!     AST_Allergy_Free_Cupcakes    

Here When You Need It

I wanted to create a place that felt more intimate.  I love the sharing, resources and information available on social media and I hope to continue using it as a powerful tool to gain and provide very useful information. I created Caboodle so that I could share the closeness, familiarity and camaraderie that I have enjoyed at meetings and make it available online, when being present in person is not an option. While Caboodle is no substitute for a face-to-face interaction, I’ve learned…