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  • Mon 17 Jun 2019
  • Mon, June 17, 2019

Dear Doctor, A Clinicians Guide to Providing Feedback

On another Caboodle post in our recent news, we listed an article discussing findings where doctors admit to being largely unprepared to handle patients with autism.  Below is a guide by Autism Speaks with tools, tips, videos and suggestions regarding working with the families affected by autism.   I found my initial experiences with pediatric physicians to be frustrating.  It took several visits, with several doctors to finally find the few who truly understood not only the needs of our child, but the…

What It Means to be a Special Needs Mom by Kristi Campbell

I found this video inspiring when I first saw it and it became one of the first sources of strength for me in realizing I am not alone.   Although my work on this site is helping, I’m not someone who easily talks about my feelings or experiences. I Initially sent this video out to friends and family members to give them an idea of what I felt at the time and let it do the talking for me.   I also…

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Autism and Wandering: Stop, Seek, Stay

Half of children with Autism will wander from a safe environment.  Learn how to keep them safe.   Please visit the following resources for further information: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children http://www.missingkids.com/awaare Autism_Wandering_Tips_EN    

Depression, The Secret We Share by Andrew Solomon

Being a caregiver can trigger depression, sometimes with tragic consequences.  Acknowledging depression and learning more about the experience can be your life preserver in rough seas.  In this video, Andrew Soloman shares his experience with depression, discusses his findings and offers hope. He describes depression in a way that help clarify what depression is versus what it is not. If you are seeking to understand someone with depression, this video may shed some light on what your loved one is dealing with so…

Police Officer Donates iPads to Kids with Autism

Law Enforcement, Education and Autism coming together for a terrific and worthy cause…   Lisa Thomas-Laury of WPVI in Philadelphia reports: By Lisa Thomas-Laury Thursday, February 19, 2015 PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — A Philadelphia police officer went above and beyond the call of duty by raising nearly $8,000 to purchase specially-equipped iPads for dozens of children with autism. Officer Sammy Sanchez got emotional as he watched the children play at his brother’s martial arts studio on Oxford Avenue. “Just seeing the…