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  • Tue 07 Jul 2020
  • Tue, July 07, 2020

Dr. Google

I see some parents struggle with being too sheepish with their physicians. Or they are so eager and willing to just take their doctor’s word for something. Yet they walk out full of more questions than answers without daring to be too “impolite” to ask. Or maybe it buys them time emotionally because deep down they are simply not ready to accept the fact that something may indeed be amiss with their child.  They may feel relief and view the glossing over as indisputable…

Be Yourself: Truth In Storytelling

One of my biggest struggles in sharing my story is the line between telling my story to help others while protecting my children’s privacy. When I ask others for help or seek out information online regarding writing, it typically translates to “be yourself.” I agree with that sentiment wholeheartedly but I also have a duty to my children not to make this completely about me. This is their story too. For now our experiences are irrevocably intertwined. They may choose when they…